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The Best 7 Ways To Personalise Your Desk

By Paperstone on March 31, 2015 in Office Desks, Office Furniture, Office Life

You spend around 24% of your time at work and if you’re office based you’ll end up sat at your desk for the majority of this. Adding a few personal touches to your work space can really lift your mood and add positivity into your day. Plus, despite concerns that managers won’t approve of a little office desk decoration, it tends to demonstrate a feeling of longevity and shows that you’re not about to pack up and quit your job at any moment.

 1.  Family Photos

A photo of your loved ones in a frame or simply stuck up with Blu-Tack is a nice little reminder of what you get to go home to after a long day at your desk. Just ensure it’s a picture you don’t mind everyone else seeing.

2.  Your Favourite Mug

Your office probably provides mugs, but there’s nothing like drinking a cup of tea or coffee out of your very own mug. Plus you know it’s clean and it’ll be waiting for you each morning.

3.  Nice Stationery

Again this is something that will be supplied, but different coloured pens and highlighters brighten up your desk and your work. Plus, writing in a nice notebook is always more enjoyable. In the Paperstone office we’re particularly fond of Black n Red and Pukka Pad notebooks.

 4.  Holiday Postcards

If you’d rather not use a picture of friends or family, a postcard from a recent holiday or one with an inspirational quote on will help inspire you during a difficult day.

5. A Pen Pot or Desk Tidy

How many times have you been on the phone and ended up desperately searching for a pen? Use a little ribbon to decorate a boring pen pot, or buy one that says a little something about you.

6. Personal Storage

You may not have much room on your desk itself, but a storage box underneath is a great way to keep the essentials close by. No desk box is complete without a spare pair of shoes, an extra notepad and some snacks.

7. Seasonal Decorations


Use holiday themed decorations on Valentine’s Day, Halloween and Christmas to give your desk a little makeover, just remember to take them down after the event. If you’re looking for more inspiration then take a look at these impressive desk decorations on Pinterest.




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