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Sitting Down Is Killing You

By Paperstone on May 30, 2011 in Office Furniture

sitting is bad for you

The Daily Infographic recently posted a Medical Billing and Coding visualisation of the ways in which sitting – at one’s desk or at home – can be detrimental to one’s health.

The Infographic, entitled “Sitting Down Is Killing You,” is slightly alarmist and is loaded with the message that sitting causes, rather than is correlated with, poor health. For instance, that fact that obese people sit for 2.5 more hours a day than thin people may only suggest that very fat people like sitting down, not that obesity is a direct consequence of sitting. Nevertheless, our bodies didn’t evolve in offices and the fact that many of us spend more time sitting than we do sleeping is something to ponder on. And more exercise should always be encouraged.

One possible countermeasure to continual sitting is a standing desk.


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