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By Paperstone on August 7, 2011 in Janitorial

rubbush holidays

A former binman has revealed his love of rubbish holidays.

Steve Jones, 48, became a dustman in 1987 having dreamt of becoming one as a child but quit the job after four years, disillusioned that others didn’t share his passion for garbage. Rubbish then became a hobby rather than an occupation for Steve.

Steve now plans his holidays around watching waste management in action – and participating if at all possible.

Trash-tracking excursions have taken Steve to the Lake District, South Wales, Cornwall, Lancashire, Kent, Sussex, the Isles of Scilly, Malta and Cyprus. Steve will sniff out the nearest tip, gawk at its piles of detritus, delect in rubbish crushing mechanisms and offer to help out.

Steve was a dustcart spotter as a child and logged registration numbers and other details in a notebook.

He adds, “I loved watching the rubbish get chewed up by the crushing mechanism. I was certainly unique – the only child who was in love with dustcarts and I dreamt of being a dustman”

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Rubbish bins and bags


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