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Amsterdam’s ‘No toking’ Signs Are Illegal

By Paperstone on August 6, 2011 in Health & Safety

No smoking marijuana sign in Amsterdam

For a while now, signs in certain areas of Amsterdam have indicated marijuana-free zones. Now legal experts say the signs must be taken down – because smoking cannabis anywhere in the city is theoretically illegal.

Amsterdam has a notoriously liberal approach to marijuana consumption and possession of small amounts is allowed and designated coffee shops permit its smoking. Four years ago, the city put up ‘No toking’ signs to designate areas where the narcotic could not be smoked in an attempt to tackle troublesome marijuana-smoking youth.

But the Dutch government’s top legal adviser has ruled that the city has no right such zones when cannabis is already illegal.

A spokesperson for the city acknowledged the signs would probably have to go but insisted Amsterdam could still issue fines to smokers.


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