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Do The (Erroneous) Math

By Paperstone on August 9, 2011 in Office Machines & Supplies

The Wrongulator

This calculator will frustrate, infuriate and possibly endanger.

The Wrongulator is a calculator which spews out miscalculation after miscalculation. No sum, subtraction, multiplication or division will produce a correct solution.

As the marketing bumf proudly states, “The Wrongulator is no ordinary calculator, its actually the world’s worst calculator as it never gives the right answer, ever! If your calculator has been exchanged for this one then every single calculation you’ve entered in it has been wrong. It is perhaps the cruelest practical joke you could inflict on your office colleague and the chances are, without being told, they’ll probably never guess….well not before it’s too late anyway! Mwhahahaha!”

Don’t leave one hanging around in an air traffic control tower or hospital.

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Via: Boing Boing


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