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Using office supplies to save the planet

By Paperstone on August 24, 2007 in Office Supplies

Office supplies can be used to help businesses go green and save the environment, it has been claimed.

Jim Veneables, managing director of, is the latest expert to jump on the environmental bandwagon, suggesting various ways in which office equipment can be used for good of the planet.

"When it comes to going green in the office, there are plenty of small, straightforward ideas that all of us can adopt to improve our working environments," he remarked.

Turning office equipment off at the end of the day – and especially over the weekend – is one way that CO2 savings can be made, the online commercial office space broker suggested.

Recycling office supplies such as envelopes and scrap Paper is another good environmental measure, the company added, explaining that workers can also reduce the amount they use by adjusting printers so they print on both sides of Paper.

Office furniture, which includes desks, chairs and workstations, can also be positioned so that natural light can be exploited instead of light bulbs.

Finally, the firm says that longer-life office products, such as solar-powered calculators, can help businesses go green. was founded in 2001.

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