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Paper-free law offices ‘on the increase’

By Paperstone on August 28, 2007 in Office Supplies

Offices which attempt to cut down on the use of Paper-based office supplies are on the increase, it has been suggested.

Some workplaces may use a variety of office machines to help reduce their reliance on Paper, reports.

Randy Kessler, who co-presents law office technology seminars, told the website that utilising hi-tech office equipment such as computers instead of Paper-based office supplies can help reduce clutter and make a firm greener.

Examples of office products which can help lawyers achieve this end include case-management software, which helps eliminate the need for filing, as well as time-billing software.

Office machines such as scanners can also help reduce Paper use, though Mr Kessler claimed that they do not completely remove the need for Paper, as originals are always necessary.

And Catherine Sanders Reach, director of the ABA Legal Technology Resource Centre in Chicago, added that four-in-one office machines can cut down on the pieces of office equipment which are cluttering a work area – as well as using less energy.

However, she added: "You have to think about what you need to sacrifice for speed and quality to have a smaller [carbon] footprint."

Recently Jim Veneables, managing director of, suggested that turning off office equipment could help cut down on energy use.

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