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USB connects with innovative office equipment

By Paperstone on February 27, 2007 in Office Supplies

Designers have come up with an increasingly bizarre range of computing peripherals aimed at making the office environment a little happier, with PC World New Zealand listing its top ten wacky USB devices.

Included in its list are USB storage devices shaped like sushi and tree branches, as well as one made to look like a severed thumb sticking out of the back of a computer.

Then there is a USB shaver, designed to make keeping your facial hair in check a simple and easy process, and desktop drinks coolers that can chill your coke to the right temperature.

But if you’re more of a coffee person, there’s also a plug-in device that will warm your cup from the bottom up and keep your latte warm till the bitter end.

While these devices also serve some kind of useful purpose in the workplace, there are also a range of products that have been created with entertainment in mind.

There is a foam hammer that connects to your PC and uses sensors to recognise when you’re striking the monitor in anger. To help users get even more satisfaction from whacking their computer in anger, the clever hammer even makes it look like your screen has been shattered.

But the ultimate office toy has to be the USB laser-guided missile launcher, which will make sure you’re both feared and revered in the office.

No longer will your colleagues think it funny to ping Paperclips and rubber bands in your direction when you turn your attention to them and send a barrage of foam rockets at their desk.

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