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Heated debate in office temperature argument

By Paperstone on February 28, 2007 in Office Supplies

Office temperature is the number one complaint amongst workers, according to the International Facility Management Association (IFMA).

It has been reported that colleagues seem unable to decide whether the office is too hot or too cold, leading to grumblings of discontent and arguments.

The IFMA claims that employers can ensure that workers are at their happiest by placing those most likely to complain about being too warm closer to air conditioning units and those who feel the chill closer to heaters and radiators.

Blinds on windows should also become an integral part of office design to help curtail arguments amongst employees about their office environment.

However, businessman Bruce Katcher told the Post-Tribune that it is almost impossible to make everyone happy in the workplace.

"It’s hard to make everybody happy as each cubicle doesn’t have its own cubicle setting," he said.

"If you’re near the heater, you may be too warm. If you’re near the window, you may be too cold."

If all else fails, the IFMA has said that those employees who are feeling the cold should put on an additional layer of clothing.

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