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H and L offer office tips for a healthy workspace

By Paperstone on July 5, 2007 in Office Furniture

H and L Office Furniture has come up with some top tips for employees looking to make the most of their office space, as reported by

The office furniture outfit suggests that office chairs should be adjusted so they are flush against a worker’s back.

It also advises staff to make sure their knees are bent comfortably off the end of the chair and that arms should be supported by armrests.

Another office furniture hint concerns office desks, which H and L say should allow a worker "ample leg room".

The setup of your computer is also considered important, with the office furniture firm suggesting that monitors should be placed directly in front of people while working.

It says that if there is a glare on the screen then the lighting in the office is too bright and should be adjusted so workers do not strain their eyes.

Keyboards should be placed in a comfortable position and a worker’s computer mouse should also be placed in an appropriate position.

"Are you slouching? Your body is not ideally supported unless you are sitting upright, with your spine forming a vertical bar," the office furniture firm suggests.

"Are you facing forward? You should sit squarely facing your office desk. Keeping your shoulders squared up with the rest of your body."

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