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Keeping the office environment safe is child’s play

By Paperstone on July 4, 2007 in Office Supplies, Shredders & Supplies

As more and more members of the UK’s workforce opt to work from home, keeping their workspace safe for kids can be pretty tricky.

Paper shredders, IT equipment and other electricals are among the most common items you would expect to find in an office space, but these necessities can be perilous when placed in the wrong hands.

That is why the Home Safety Council (HSC) in the States has issued some suggestions to help homeworkers in the US and UK keep their office environment safe for children.

The HSC advises that only adults should use office equipment and that Paper shredders and other electricals should be unplugged when not in use.

Parents who choose to smoke in the comfort of their own home office are urged to use a large ashtray and empty it frequently.

All potential dangerous office supplies, such as drawing pins and Paper clips, should be stored in a secure place, while safety covers should be installed over unused electrical outlets.

US office supplies firm Fellowes has already attempted to ease concerns over misuse of Paper shredders.

The office supplies outfit has introduced a line of Paper shredders that feature SafeSense technology, which prevents people from putting their fingers near the Paper entry point.

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