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How do you juggle? Summer holidays…

By Paperstone on August 3, 2020 in Uncategorized

After months of juggling homeschooling and working from home many families are now onto the next juggle – summer holidays and working from home.

Oh the joys! One minute you’re filling in an excel spreadsheet, the next you’re desperately flicking through Netflix to find a children’s program they haven’t watched! If only you had planned ahead…

It can be hard, sometimes impossible, to get the work life balance right. We’ve all been there, and understand the daily challenges.

However, there are some handy organisational tools that can make all the difference in planning your week as a family. This can help in so many ways, from being more productive when working from home to running your household, to keeping the kids on track.

From kitchen memo boards to practical flip charts, here we take a look at a few essentials planning tools for the modern household.

1. Weekly Planning Boards

When you’re a parent you aren’t just thinking for one, it can be two, three, or more. So, keeping the kids organised is a priority worth taking the time to consider. With modern busy lives, it can be hard to keep track of time, from Zoom calls to play dates to kids clubs.

This is where a weekly whiteboard organiser comes in super handy. At the start of each week take the time to plan ahead, assigning chores to each person in the household. This can be constantly updated and wiped clean as each task is ticked off, plus it’s also a magnetic whiteboard which is perfect for attaching notes, reminders and memos. It’s efficiency at its best, and also means you never forget an important event or task again.

As if that wasn’t enough, you could even create your own monthly family planner board for the super-organised. A wall mounted small whiteboard or large and stylish glass whiteboard could become a permanent and invaluable communication board for any busy household. For families with lots going on, this house organisation tool is an investment worth making.

2. Notice Boards

Life-on-the-go demands easy solutions for all the family to benefit from. Notice boards are not just top of the list of office supplies but are essential items for the home too.

In recent years home notice boards have had somewhat of a makeover, today looking contemporary, slim and unobtrusive. Easy to mount in the kitchen, hallway or spare room, they seamlessly fit anywhere needed.

You can use a notice board however it best suits you. Some families find this is a great action board for keeping on top of bills, birthday reminders and up coming events. For others it makes more of a creative backdrop, a place to share photos and pictures, and a central part of the family home where children’s projects and artwork can proudly take centre stage.

If you have a home office, this is a must-have for creating a productive workspace too.

3. Mobile Easels

There’s nothing handier than having a big writing space to jot down ideas, get creative, and even leave notes. A mobile easel is perfect for achieving this; it can be used as a magnetic whiteboard or you can easily attach a paper flipchart pad.

This handy piece of kit is also useful for smuggling into your home office. It’s sure to impress colleagues next time you take a video conference with your planning prowess.

So there you have it, three handy house organisation tools to get you through the week.


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