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How to be happy at work

By Paperstone on January 3, 2018 in Health & Wellbeing

Happy at work

Brexit and the global recession may be affecting your work opportunities, as it’s not as easy as it used to be to find a new job. But don’t give in to gloom – try these tips for staying happy at work until you find the job of your dreams:

  • Be realistic – few people have perfect lives and even celebrities have career problems. It’s normal to have a few bad days at work, so don’t talk yourself into a downward spiral by complaining you have the worst job in the world.
  • Make a list of the positives in your current work situation; maybe you have an interesting project you can focus on, or great colleagues you enjoy working with. Write everything on the list, like the view from the office window, the chance of promotion or an interesting sideways move – see how many good points you can come up with and read the list whenever you feel down. If you can’t find any positives, then remember- you don’t have to stay there forever, you can use the time productively to plan for the future, study part-time or gain skills that will help your future career.
  • Leave your personal problems at home so that you can concentrate on being happy and productive while you’re at work.
  • Form a support network of colleagues who share your background, interests or lifestyle. Have lunch together and cheer each other on. Having someone you trust to talk to can reduce stress.
  • Get a life outside of work. Take up a new hobby or sport, explore cultural opportunities, or volunteer in an area that interests you. It will help the work day to fly if you have something exciting to look forward to in the evening or at the weekend.




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