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Wise Ways to Ward off Wasps

By Paperstone on June 27, 2017 in Office Life

Summer brings the problem of slim-waisted, striped aggressors into the confines of the office – so keep a spray bottle of water on your desk to fight off wasps!

A well-aimed mist of water droplets will temporarily disable a wasp intent on sharing your smoothie, allowing you the chance to trap it under a glass while you eat your lunch in tranquillity.

This is a better solution than swatting, which causes wasps to emit a distress chemical attracting more airborne attackers and a full-blown Sting Operation.

Here are some more tips to avoid trouble with Vespula Vulgaris (that’s the official name for the wasps we get in the UK):

  • In the height of summer (July and August) avoid wearing yellow and white clothing as wasps are passionate about these colours. Don’t wear perfume, aftershave or hair gel, and stick to unperfumed deodorants.
  • Keep all your snacks in the fridge until you are ready to eat them, or keep the lid of your lunchbox tightly closed. Keep your desk and kitchen surfaces free from fruit in particular (especially if it’s very ripe)
  • If there’s a wasps’ nest anywhere near your office, take particular care not to disturb it (it will look like a grey, pear-shaped paper bag) and common locations are roof spaces, garages and wall cavities.
  • If you do suffer a wasp sting, anti-histamines can help, or apply a cotton-wool ball soaked in vinegar to the sting. A cube of ice also works well to reduce swelling. Seek immediate medical help if you feel dizzy, have difficulty in breathing, or break out in multiple hives, but don’t panic about a small swelling at the location of the sting.



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