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Top tips for the winter commute to work

By Paperstone on November 20, 2017 in Health & Wellbeing, Office Workers, Workwear

Bicycle in snow

Walking or cycling to work is great for your fitness and the environment – but in the winter months it’s a bit more challenging.

Here are a few tips to help you stay safe but sustainable in the winter chill:

Tips for walkers

  • Stay warm with multiple layers of clothing and avoid anything too big and bulky as you will feel restrained by it. Wear sturdy shoes with plenty of grip on the soles and a waterproof coat which will keep the wind off you. Ideally, your gloves should be wind-proof and waterproof too.
  • Choose light coloured clothes for visibility and if you’re walking in the dark, wear reflective accessories or a head torch. It may not feel sexy, but it could save your life on poorly lit stretches of road!
  • Check the weather updates before leaving the house and be sensible – don’t try to brave a fierce storm or blizzard.

Tips for cyclists

  • If you’re only cycling a short distance, then normal winter clothes will do, but for a medium-to-long commute in UK weather conditions, you’ll need to consider some specialised clothing, particularly a rain jacket. A cosy neck warmer, winter tights and a waterproof rucksack for your office clothes are essential too.
  • Don’t skip bike maintenance or you may regret it. Make sure that your lights are all working. White front reflectors and spoke reflectors will increase your visibility. For extra grip on slippery roads, let some air out of your tyres. It also pays to have your bike serviced professionally.
  • Allow extra time for your commute and avoid un-gritted routes when conditions are icy. Winter road bike tyres are a good investment as they are less likely to puncture.



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