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Are You a Meanderthal? More Office Lingo

By Paperstone on February 16, 2017 in Fun, Office Jargon, Office Workers

Do you have a multi-slacker in your office (a person who does lots of unproductive things all at the same time, such as chatting to a friend on the phone while instant messaging and watching YouTube)?

If so, perhaps they should be uninstalled (fired)?

Here’s some of the latest office lingo so that all of you open collar workers (home office workers) can get up to speed.

Meanderthal  – A person who rambles when giving a presentation

CLM (Career Limiting Move) – an ill-thought-out activity, such as putting down the boss to his or her best friend

Keyboard plaque – a revolting build-up of dirt and crumbs found on some computer keyboards

Decision Sniper – a person who sits quietly in a meeting until a decision has been made, and then raises a question which necessitates a further meeting

Stress Puppy – someone who likes being stressed-out and whingey

Meeting Assassin- a colleague who hijacks a meeting with excessive questions or comments

Mouse Potato – someone who spends many hours in front of a computer

Deceptionist – a receptionist employed to get rid of potential visitors

Dead Tree Edition – a hard copy of a digital document

Salesblazer – the jacket that arty and tekky types wear to play down their jeans-based style when meeting clients


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