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The Write Person for the Job?

By Paperstone on March 8, 2017 in Office Workers

Are you the write person for the job?

Does your hand writing show that you have initiative, creativity, and get along with people, making you a good person to hire?

You may be surprised to know that some businesses employ graphologists to carry out handwriting analysis on job candidates and assess their personalities.

A chief executive of the US-based company Pilot Pen Inc, Ronald Shaw, has sometimes used a graphologist to cross-check his own opinions of prospective employees. He claims she has helped him make some great decisions on who is worth hiring.

Controversially, another American business used graphology in a bid to identify which of their employees had the potential to become thieves – a move that attracted widespread criticism. It seems hard to justify labeling people who haven’t yet committed a crime!

Graphology is generally considered to be a pseudo-science rather than a real science. Its reliability is questioned by many doctors and scientists. Despite this lack of hard evidence, many graphologists say they are seeing a growing demand for their services.


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