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Are You A Stationery Addict?

By Paperstone on March 10, 2017 in Fun, Office Supplies

Are you a stationeryphile, a passionate lover of notebooks and pens to the point of addiction?

Here are some of the tell-tale signs that you may need to join Stationery Addicts Anonymous:

  • When visiting a big stationery store, you find yourself physically caressing every type of notebook, especially the posh journals with embroidered or leather covers – it’s not enough just to gaze at them reverentially
  • You have to use a Pilot V5 pen, a calligraphy pen or a vintage fountain pen for all your handwriting- a cheap biro will give you anaphylactic shock
  • You’re way past 21 and you still love stickers
  • You’ve ditched plain old Scotch tape and you now use Washi tape for almost everything
  • You don’t get why anyone would want to keep their calendar on their phone instead of having a desk diary or Filofax
  • You’re an avid doodler
  • You have more notebooks than you can possibly use (June Thomas, MD of Slate Podcasts, has posted about having 267 unused notebooks on her office shelf)
  • You have a penchant for large sets of coloured pens and pencils and you love pencil cases with multiple zips and compartments
  • You absolutely MUST have a separate notebook for lists- it would be sacrilegious to write a list anywhere else

If you can relate to these symptoms then you’re an official stationeryphile – and you’re on the best possible website!


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