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How Friday 13th Phobia Affects the Economy

By Paperstone on August 22, 2017 in Fun, Office Life, Office Workers

How do you feel about Friday 13th? Is it just another date on the calendar, or do you get spooked?

A surprising number of Brits are so fearful of Friday 13th that they won’t leave the house to go to work or make business transactions – and their phobia actually affects the economy.

Conference call provider Powwownow surveyed 500 adults and found that more than a quarter were uneasy about the date.

One in 10 people won’t travel by train on Friday 13th while even more – 16% – refuse to fly. A further 11% won’t stay in a hotel room bearing the number 13.

The fear is not evenly distributed however but varies geographically. People in Northern Ireland are far more superstitious than the rest of the nation – a staggering 64% believe the date is unlucky, compared to just 13% of the more down-to-earth Scots.

Our friends over the Pond have similar superstitious fears. A survey carried out in North Carolina found the economy was losing hundreds of millions of dollars because of paraskavedekatriaphobia (that’s the proper name for the fear of Friday 13th), creating a significant problem for the American economy too.

Before you start checking your calendar, I can give you a tip-off: The next Friday 13th is in October, so there’s plenty of time to book that duvet day!


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