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5 Time-Saving Hacks for the Office

Run off your feet? Work smart with our five office hacks to save time and be productive.

Time-saving office hack 1. Write each major task on an index card. Break the task down into easy steps and then put the card on your desk where you can see it. If you get distracted close down all the applications on your computer and tune out the distractions. Take another look at your index card and stay focused.

Time saving office hack 2. It saves time if you know where everything is. Find a place for everything, from your stapler to your best pencils. If anything doesn’t have a home, make one. You can attach foldback clips to a notice board to make a cheap hook for your headphones, for example.

Time saving office hack 3. If you have to post parcels as part of your job, you can spend a few frustrating minutes every day looking for the end of your invisible sticky tape. Solve this problem by placing a paperclip on the end of the tape when you’ve finished using it.

Time saving office hack 4. Depending on your job, email can consume a quarter of the working day. We are programmed to respond to every ping that comes from the computer, but we can learn to ignore this, and check emails and answer them at set times. A disciplined hour a day should be enough for most people.

Time saving office hack 5. If you find your inbox gets clogged with unsolicited emails,’s site will show you how to set a filter for the word “unsubscribe” — which should catch all those unwanted mass mailings. You will have to make a list of exceptions though so you don’t miss out on emails you actually want to keep, but this trick should save you valuable minutes every day.




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