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5 Hacks for a Healthy Office

By Paperstone on March 22, 2017 in Fun, Health & Wellbeing, Office Life, Office Workers

Pic: Chris Samuel

You may be an office worker but you can still look after your health!

We searched the Internet to find the top five office hacks for staying healthy at work.

Healthy office hack 1. If you’ve got an irresistible craving for something sweet, use damage limitation. Bake yourself a small treat using a mug and the office microwave. (Thank you Ilya Pozen for this brilliant idea – and the next one.)

Recipe by Melissa Adams.

Pic: Iconosquare

Healthy office hack 2. It’s so important to stay hydrated at work so you can think clearly and avoid a host of illnesses. Keep track of how much water you’ve been drinking by labelling your water bottle with hours and water-drinking calculations.

Healthy office hack 3. Don’t let work get up your nose! Clean your dusty keyboard with a piece of sticky tape and reduce your chances of a dust mite reaction.

Healthy office hack 4. Make your office attractive with a few nice pot plants. Research has shown that plants help people de-stress (choose ones that are easy to care for though).

Healthy office hack 5. Do some chair yoga! You can use the cross-legged lotus position if you’re flexible enough – and there are lots of other exercises described on the Internet. The hard thing is remembering to do them regularly – but why not get into the habit of doing these stretches at lunchtime and in your coffee break? Yoga is a great stress reliever and really calms the mind. Here’s one link to get you started.



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