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Pitfalls of Office Life

By Paperstone on March 17, 2017 in Office Life

Office life has its pitfalls and sooner or later, unless you’re super-human, most of these things will inevitably happen:

  1. You’ll join one of the two office camps – the Too Hot brigade or the Too Cold contingent. Forever you will battle it out in the war to end all wars.
  2. You’ll make a glaring fashion mistake because you got up late and had to get dressed in a hurry. Then people will be making jokes at your expense for several weeks.
  3. You’ll gain several pounds from eating too much birthday cake and too many choccie biscuits- and the fat will go right to your belly
  4. You’ll drink too much tea and coffee to get through your deadlines and develop an unrecognised caffeine addiction. Until one day you decide to be healthy and drink water all day. Quick, pass me the paracetamol…
  5. You’ll accidentally stare at an attractive colleague, even though you’re in a relationship, and things will always feel a bit weird afterwards
  6. The photocopier or fax machine will break down whenever you use it, but it will work fine for everyone else. You know the truth- there are gremlins in the office!
  7. You’ll have an awkward moment when your walk to the lift coincides with the Big Boss’s. You’ll come out with a comment that sounds pathetically stupid when you replay it in your head later.
  8. There will be a smell in the office that gets right up your nose, whether it’s someone’s boiled egg sandwich or a colleague who forgot to shower for the past week.
  9. You’ll get caught out posting something on Facebook or printing out your CV on the office printer. Let’s hope it’s a Facebook faux-pas and not the CV…
  10. You’ll find at least one or two nice people to share the joys and perils of office life with- and if you’re very lucky, you’ll make a friend for life.



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