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Five Simple Precautions to Avoid Office Injury

By Paperstone on September 27, 2016 in Health & Safety, Office Life


Compared to dangerous jobs like fire-fighting or working as a stunt man, office-based jobs are safe as houses.

If you’re at your desk for most of the day, you’re unlikely to suffer disabling injuries in the course of your work, surely?

But every week there are nasty office-based accidents, some of which lead to serious injury. Usually these are caused by a lack of attention to basic health and safety.

So here are five simple precautions you can take to avoid the most common causes of injury:

  1. It seems like a no-brainer, but look where you’re going! People sometimes trip while carrying a load of boxes or something which obscures their vision. Another common mistake is to grab a document that’s fresh off the printer and read it while you’re walking along.
  2. If you need a stepladder to reach something, then fetch one! Don’t climb on a chair or a couple of stacked boxes, or any other dangerous ladder-substitutes. And position your ladder carefully, so that you don’t over-reach and take a tumble.
  3. Close any drawers you’re not using. Although we use fewer filing cabinets these days, their drawers create a hazard if left open.
  4. Make sure the floor space is uncluttered and that electric and phone cables are tucked away.
  5. Clean up any liquid spills immediately. Don’t wait another minute – someone might come a cropper!



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