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Ideas to Bring Festive Fun into the Office

By Paperstone on November 23, 2016 in Fun, Office Workers


With Christmas just around the corner, you’ll want to have some festive fun with your colleagues (unless they are particularly horrible people, in which case, drink plenty of cocktails instead).

Perhaps your employers organise a big bash every year, but if not, here are a few ideas for bringing festive fun into the office:

  • Make ugly Christmas sweaters compulsory – you know the sort (Colin Firth wore them in the Bridget Jones films) and have a prize for the ugliest of all. If anyone comes into the office pretending to have forgotten the rules, make sure you have an extra, extra revolting jumper and a pair of jingly antlers for them to wear.
  • Transform the office into a wintery palace or snow cave, with spray-on snow for the windows, fairy lights, white drapes over the filing cabinets, glittering snowflakes and cuddly polar bears. Get everyone to wear woolly hats to add to the effect.
  • For drinks, offer icy vodka cocktails, warm mulled wine or hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows. Make sure there’s plenty of food so no-one’s drinking on an empty stomach.
  • Practically every country, religion and culture holds a festival around Christmas time, even if they don’t call it Christmas. Why not celebrate these traditions with a Round the World party theme? If you have a multi-cultural office, you could ask people to dress in national costume and provide traditional food from their country of origin. You could play songs from around the globe to reflect different Christmas or religious traditions.
  • If there’s space, have a ping-pong table and organise a tournament with prizes.
  • For a very sedate office party, have a Christmas crafting session. Learn how to make wreaths together, make glittery ornaments, stamp your own cards, or wrap up presents together while snacking and sipping on treats and cocktails.

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