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Bin Incentivises Proper Litter Disposal with Wi-Fi Access

By Paperstone on November 28, 2016 in Janitorial


A tekkie business in India has come up with a novel way to connect to the Internet – you throw some garbage in a bin and the ‘smart bin’ gives you a code to access 15 minutes of free Wi-Fi.

The plastic bin is four and a half feet high and has an LED screen. When you throw something into the bin, the screen lights up and gives you a unique code for your Wi-Fi, which works within a 50 metre radius of the device.

Of course there’s no need for a bin like this in the office. It was designed to encourage people to dispose of their litter properly at public events.

It’s particularly aimed at the public in India. The inventors, a Mumbai company called ThinkScream, say that Indian citizens can be rebellious and sometimes they just dump their rubbish anywhere. The smart bins, costing around £1,200, are aimed at protecting the environment.

Watch the smart bin in action:


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