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Laughter, the Mini Workout that’s Good for your Health

By Paperstone on January 27, 2016 in Fun, Office Life


Having a laugh at work can be good for workers – it reduces blood pressure, increases alertness and boosts creativity, according to medical experts.

Laughing gives us a “mini-workout” while enhancing the attributes we need on the job – a good memory, the ability to learn quickly, and the ability to cope with stress.

Having a good chuckle causes our blood vessels to expand and increase blood flow.  This makes us feel more positive, boosts our immune systems, improves pain tolerance and generally makes us happier and more energetic!

A belly laugh increases oxygen in the blood, and gives our body some much-needed exercise, particularly the diaphragm, abdomen, respiratory system, face, legs and back.

It increases the activity of our immune system’s tumour and disease-killing cells such as Gamma-interferon and T-cells, and even reduces the frequency of colds!

So lighten the atmosphere at work and you may perform better as well as reducing your risk of being ill. If you’re a manager you can help to keep your staff healthy by allowing a few belly laughs in office hours.

Laughter helps creativity so why not turn “ha ha” into “aha”!


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