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Top Tips To Overcome New Job Nerves

By Paperstone on March 24, 2015 in Uncategorized


New job? It’s normal to dread the first day in a new office. But you can beat first day anxiety by following our top tips:

Tip 1: Visualise success!

Don’t allow your nerves to get the better of you: overcome anxiety with positive thinking. Strengthen your professional self-image by making a list of all your skills and everything you have to offer to your new employer. Then visualise yourself having a brilliant first day. Tell yourself you will be a happy and popular employee, and people will enjoy working with you. If you believe you will succeed, you most likely will!

Tip 2: Do your homework

Being well prepared will give your confidence a boost. Don’t just read the company’s own website, do a Google search and find out more about its reputation across the industry, its key players, past achievements and current goals. You will feel less of a newbie with a bit of background knowledge under your belt.

Tip 3: Eat and sleep well to keep your strength up

Get a good eight hours of sleep every night in the run up to starting your job. You need to be razor sharp and wide awake to meet all of those new colleagues, clients or customers, and you will have to process shed loads of important information in your first few days at work. Eat a good breakfast, and take a healthy packed lunch as fuel for your brain.

Tip 4: Test drive your route

To avoid the embarrassment of being late for your new job, “test drive” the route to work, even if you ride a bicycle or walk. Don’t take the bus that will get you in just on time; take the earlier one for peace of mind. It will greatly reduce your stress levels. Factor in a spare 10 minutes, whatever mode of transport you use. Carry your bus and train timetables with you while you are getting used to making connections.

Tip 5: Obey the dress code

Check out the office dress code in advance of starting your job and play it safe. Even if casual clothing is accepted, err on the side of caution for the first week or two until you’ve got a feel for the place. Dressing well will help you feel more confident and you will make a good first impression.

Tip 6: On your first few days, take notes and be ultra-efficient

The first day can often be a whirlwind of introductions, with different people giving you instructions right, left and centre. You don’t want to get the three Johns in the office mixed up, or forget vitally important passwords, so take notes efficiently as you go along.  Be sure to deal with all your admin tasks promptly as it will make life easier and impress the boss.

Tip 7: Ask lots of questions

Asking lots of questions is quite acceptable in the first few days and weeks of a new job, and is definitely preferable to getting your assignments wrong! Your new colleagues will be impressed by your enthusiasm, and so will your boss. If it seems appropriate, ask if you can shadow people while you learn the job.

Tip 8: Get to know your colleagues

Make a real effort to learn people’s names straight away, and accept any invitations you get to go out for lunch. If no-one asks you, try asking them. You might find it useful to connect on social media too as a way of getting to know people better. Even if you feel shy, be friendly.

Follow these tips and you’ll soon feel at home in your new workplace!


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