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The Art of Doodling

By Paperstone on July 10, 2014 in Artists & Graphics Supplies, Fun


Are you a doodler? Psychologists have found that doodling helps us focus and remember details if we are studying or speaking on the phone.

One well-known doodler was the Noble Laureate in Literature for 1913, poet Rabindranath Tagore, who made huge number of doodles in his famous manuscript.

Another doodler was the poet and doctor John Keats, who used to draw in the margins of his medical notes.

And doodling seems to be a popular pastime with American presidents. Thomas Jefferson, Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton have all been known to doodle.

Some people find doodles fascinating. A Japanese man has spent seven years collecting 20,000 pieces of paper covered with scribbles and doodles from stationery stores around the world.

Hiroki Terai, aged 34, from Tokyo, is intrigued by the rough drawings and scribbles created by customers in stationery shops when they test pens.

The collection of doodles, known in Japan as “tameshigaki” is currently on exhibition in Kyoto, and a book featuring the global scribble collection will also be published this year.

Image: Mustache Doodle by Mark Andrey on Deviant Art


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