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Don’t Get Stung – How To Avoid Wasps This Summer

By Paperstone on July 4, 2014 in Fun, Office Life


Do you like a scrumptious smoothie in the office? Or a perfect punnet of strawberries for a summery snack?

When the office windows are open, watch out for wasps, those slim-waisted, stripy predators with a nasty, aggressive streak. They are always poised for an air strike when human food is unwrapped.

In the early summer wasps like meaty foods to build up their muscles, but in late summer, they are after desserts – your desserts!

Keep all your snacks in the fridge until you are ready to eat them, or keep the lid of your lunchbox tightly closed.

If wasps tend to be a problem in your office, avoid white or yellow clothing, and lay off the perfume and aftershave. Wear an unscented deodorant too.

When faced with a persistent flying offender, try to stay calm and keep still. Swatting a wasp is a bad idea- they emit a chemical which provokes other nearby wasps to attack and you may end up getting stung.

The best way to deal with a wasp peacefully is to keep a spray bottle filled with water and an empty jam jar near your desk.

Spritz the wasp with water and it will struggle to fly off. As it slows down, you can trap it under the jar and release it when you have finished your meal.


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