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Lego Stationery – Release Your Inner Child

By Paperstone on April 22, 2014 in Uncategorized

Lego Movie characters

The Lego Movie has recently achieved box office domination, following on from the worldwide domination of Lego toys.

And it’s not surprising the film is a hit – Lego hits a nostalgic note with adults too. If you grew up in the Western world then you role-played your way through childhood with Lego and Duplo. It was an educational experience; imagination running wild as you developed those important fine-motor skills.

And all that fun was made possible by Danish master carpenter and joiner Ole Kirk Kristiansen, and his son Godtfred Kirk Christiansen, who invented the Lego brick in the 1930s. They introduced a ground-breaking plastic injection-moulding machine in the 1940s, used their astounding creativity, and the rest is history.

So if you like nostalgia, treat yourself to some Lego stationery. Let your inner child run free! A cheerful Lego Journal or pen based on a Lego character makes an ideal desk companion to take your mind off all the serious stuff. Which one will you choose – the girl singer, the wrestler, the doctor or the ninjago?


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