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Allergies in the Office – Beware of Workplace Hazards

By Paperstone on April 16, 2014 in Office Workers

Do you sit near a photocopier or printer in your office?

Both these items of equipment have been known to give off fumes which could cause a reaction – especially if you have allergic airways.

So if you have been diagnosed with asthma or rhinitis, try to keep away from office machines which use chemicals.


Allergy UK carried out a survey of 1,003 office workers and found a host of problems related to our work environments.

The charity estimates that around 5.7 million Brits could be experiencing allergies linked to work, including nasal problems, breathing difficulties, headaches and skin irritations.

Poor ventilation is a major culprit – only 15 per cent of people responding to the survey said their office was well ventilated. Carpets can harbour dust mites and mould, so a wooden floor is a better option for work areas.

Plants look nice, but can encourage moulds. Moulds release spores that may cause allergic reactions.

So next time someone sneezes, give your office a health check!


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