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Brain Activity in the Computer Age

By Paperstone on May 21, 2014 in Computer Supplies, Fun


The way we organise our working lives has changed.

Emails have replaced face-to-face meetings, and we do pretty much everything on a computer or smart phone.

Organising our diaries, calculating our finances, remembering tasks – the computer does it all.

Some people worry that our brains may be getting lazier. This is not necessarily true.

Using computers to outsource many mental tasks is not always bad, according to David Bucci, Associate Professor of Psychology at Dartmouth College.

Although we no longer need to memorize multiplication tables, phone numbers and to-do lists, we can develop our brain power in other ways.

Learning how to use technologies is good for the brain, just like learning a language or doing puzzles, said Mr Bucci.

“The key thing is that the sedentary brain, just like the sedentary body, is going to atrophy,” he said.

So keeping the brain agile is the key to long term health.

It’s good to stimulate our brains in many different ways. Join a reading group, lead a debate, or write a witty letter to a friend.



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