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Californian Computer Museum is a Nerd’s Paradise

By Paperstone on May 19, 2014 in Computer Supplies, Fun


Did you know there is a museum of obsolete technology in California which serves as a geek’s paradise? The DigiBarn Computer Museum is said to move some of its nerdy visitors to tears as they remember their old inventions with fondness and enjoy a bout of nostalgia.

The museum is housed in an old redwood barn, part of a 19th century farmstead deep in the Santa Cruz mountains.

The museum was the brainchild of Dr Bruce Damer, who is keen to collect personal stories and track technological evolution through the large collection of vintage computers.

When we get visitors who burst into tears upon seeing certain systems which may have defined their lives and careers, our cameras roll to capture the inevitable stories,” said Dr Damer.

“The interconnected redwood rooms of the museum constitute a kind of ‘memory palace’ for the nerd-inclined and help us piece together the amazing story of the invention of personal computing and Cyberspace.

“It is my fantasy to one day receive a grant or philanthropic support and really have the resources to fully document the people involved and their inventions.”

The museum is guarded by a family of pigs.

Image Courtesy of DigiBarn Commputer Museum



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