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You Snooze, You Win

By Paperstone on April 30, 2013 in Office Desks, Office Furniture, Office Workers

La Bohemienne endormie by Henri Rousseau

When it comes to falling asleep at work, we’ve probably all done it at least once or twice, whether through boredom, being up with the baby all hours, or in the aftermath of a big night out.

While some very enlightened businesses like Google and Nike actually provide rest rooms where workers can take a nap, most bosses expect you to keep awake on the job, and snooze in your own time.

Going to bed earlier and practicing ‘sleep hygiene’ can help you stay alert and be more productive at work.  This means avoiding bad habits like drinking coffee or alcohol late at night, taking your mobile phone to bed, or watching TV in your bedroom. And you need to be aware that the average person needs seven to nine hours sleep every night.

But not all employees practice good sleep habits, and some people feel it’s OK to grab a few minutes’ kip at work while the boss isn’t looking.

There are quite a few techniques on the Internet on how to take a nap at work and get away with it, such as dozing in the “chin in hand” position while flashing a spread sheet on your screen to make it look as if you’re hard at work.

And some people have been known to sleep under their desk while pretending they have lost a contact lens!


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