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What Jobs Make You Fat?

By Paperstone on July 4, 2013 in Office Workers

Did you know your job can make you fat? Research carried out in America measured obesity rates among 14 occupational groups, and found that doctors were the slimmest, and lorry and bus drivers the fattest.

A staggering 36.4 % of transportation workers were obese, compared to just 14% of physicians. Office workers and managers were placed in the middle of the chart by Gallup, with obesity rates of 26.6% and 25.6%.

Factory workers and repair workers tended to be heavier and business owners and teachers lighter, but no group came close to doctors in avoiding weight problems.

The high rate of obesity among transport workers is blamed on the sedentary nature of the job, without even the chance to take regular bathroom breaks like most office workers do.

Lorry, train and bus drivers are also limited in where they can go to grab a bite of lunch, and seem to end up eating more fast food than other occupational groups – a real double whammy.


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