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Inking to New Depths

By Paperstone on July 8, 2013 in Office Workers

An idiot shows off his wound

How far would you go to show your loyalty to your employer?

A New York estate agency is offering staff a pay rise if they get themselves tattooed with the company logo.

Dozens of agents at Rapid Realty have already accepted the offer from their boss Anthony Lolli, and got inked with the black and green company logo.

It all started when one employee decided of his own volition to get the tattoo, and Mr Lolli decided to offer a financial reward to any employees who wanted to follow suit.

Tattoed staff have been given a 15 per cent rise in their commission for their pains.

The move has met with mixed reaction on social media sites. While some people see it as an acceptable way of making easy money, critics say that Rapid Realty staff have been branded for life and may regret it.

What’s your take on corporate tattoos?


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