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Like Water off a Duck’s Back

By Paperstone on June 30, 2013 in Workwear

This is truly remarkable stuff. Normally it takes an insider within a certain field to really appreciate a piece of publicity like this, but not in this case. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, the uses of such technology are seemingly limitless. The work gloves are an excellent example of how the benefits could apply to gardener, construction worker or anyone. The possibility of its application to the office environment is no exception. From a range of dangers such as split coffee and leaking photocopier ink, notes and nice white new shirts will be kept safe.

Of course this stuff could mean an end to washing clothes. Well, at least it could dramatically reduce the need to take suit jackets and ties to the dry cleaners just because you got a bit careless with the red stuff. We would probably still have to regularly wash our socks etc. Probably, although if the same applies to sweat…

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Source: Koreus


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