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Physical Spam

By Paperstone on June 16, 2013 in Fun

Anyone that has an Email account, which is just about everyone in the known world, will know the mild irritation of spam. This playful clip highlights this by placing the phenomena in the context of the home. However, beyond simply making light of the inbox virus it attempts to remind the watcher of just how serious this can be. If, like me, you can’t quite understand why anyone would try and do little old you any kind of injustice, you should maybe think again. One should not be so naïve as to believe you are really the winner of some random prize, or the chosen benefactor of some fantastically lucrative ‘business’ offer. Not that you should be entirely close-minded. I for one do not respond to any of the internet women that would, apparently, like to get to know me better. However, I do like to think that most of them genuinely would. I just can’t the risk that one of them may be a phoney.

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