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Colours at Work

By Paperstone on June 9, 2013 in Uncategorized

colourful office pins

What colour is your office interior? Some experts believe that different colours affect mood and motivation at work, but two thirds of offices are painted cream or white.

Cream is good in a stressful environment, but there are more adventurous colours that can also have a relaxing effect. Green is restful for the eyes and helps reduce anxiety, maybe because it is associated with being outside. It can be a great colour for people working on screens all day.

Blue has been proven to reduce stress by lowering the blood pressure and heart rate, although light blue is best, as darker shades can evoke sadness. Turquoise is thought to be ideal for inspiring creativity in the workplace, and good for art and design studios.

Red is a very stimulating colour and divides opinion. While some experts think it’s good for a sales environment, others think it’s best confined to canteen areas and corridors, because some people get worked up by red.

Libraries and research rooms can benefit from olive colors. These hues aid concentration and are helpful for reading and studying.


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