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Toilet News

By Paperstone on March 2, 2012 in Janitorial, Office Desks

toilet nightmare

Toilets have been hitting the international news recently.

In Mumbai, a man was killed last month for taking too long to use a public toilet.

Simon Lingeree, 26, was using the shared toilet of his chawl – an tenement block, usually with shared facilities – while a neighbour was waiting outside.

When Lingeree emerged, the waiting Santosh Kargutkar, 40, took him to task over the amount of time he had taken. He hit Lingeree over the head and fled. Lingeree was declared dead at arrival at hospital.

In other toilet news, managers in a Norwegian call centre are monitoring employees’ toilet breaks. Flashing lights alert managers when an employee has been away from their desk beyond an allotted time. Unions and workplace inspectors have called the practice at insurance company DNB as “highly intrusive.”

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