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Sitting at Desk Makes You Mental

By Paperstone on February 1, 2012 in Office Chairs, Office Desks, Office Furniture

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Office workers are spending too much time at their desk, according to recent research by occupational health experts. Prolonged sitting at your desk not only jeopardises your physical health, but your mental health also, they argue.

The research was conducted by Dr Myanna Duncan, Mr. Aadil Kazi and Professor Cheryl Haslam from the Work & Health Research Centre, Loughborough University. The key findings were presented on 13 January to to delegates at the British Psychological Society’s Annual Occupational Conference.

The findings included:

  • In a typical working week, the average employee spends five hours and forty-one minutes sitting at their desk.
  • Almost 70 percent of employees failed to meet recommended guidelines for physical activity.
  • Those who sit longer at work were more likely to sit longer outside of work.
  • The more time sitting was associated with a decrease in mental well-being.

Said Dr Duncan, “People don’t need a psychologist to tell them to get up and walk around. But if it helps, I’d tell them to put a post-it note on their computer to remind them. Anyway go and talk to your colleagues face to face, it’s a lot more sociable and better for you than emailing them.”

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