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Mad Mayor’s Gay Water Claim

By Paperstone on November 24, 2011 in Catering

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The mayor of the small coastal town of Huarmey, Peru, fears his town is being turned gay by contaminated water. Mayor José Benítez claims that naturally occurring strontium in the local water supply is reducing the production of male hormones and thereby emasculating the male population.

“Unfortunately Strontium reduces male hormones and suddenly we’ll be as Tabalosos, as other towns, where the percentages are increasing of homosexuality,” the mayor warned his citizens at the opening ceremony for a local water project.

High dosages of strontium have been correlated with bone cancer, anemia and cardiovascular problems. But scientists have yet to link strontium intake with effects on sexual proclivity.

It is thought that Benítez’s assertion may derive from a Peruvian TV program a few years ago that suggested the population of Tabalosos was predominantly gay. Tabalosos, in Peru’s interior, is the source of Huarmey’s water.

Benítez’s claim has angered Tabalosos’s mayor, Jorge Luis Vasquez, who has called on Benítez to either prove his assertion or apologise for it.

“Young people have low self-esteem by this stigma,” said Vasquez.

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