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Stationery Objects of Desire

By Paperstone on May 17, 2010 in Office Supplies

Here’s an occasional round-up of a few desirable stationery products we’ve learned of via others but don’t sell ourselves.

1. Bullet Pencils

bullet pencils

During the American Civil war, soldiers would stick their pencils in empty rifle cartridges to protect the tips from breaking but bullet pencils soon became a medium for advertising and political marketing. Apparently you can pick them up for next to nothing in flea markets in the States, but you might have to make do with more expensive offers on ebay.

Via A Continuous Lean

2. Lego erasers

lego eraser

Not sold by Lego any more, but again try ebay.

Via Bleistift

3. Smencils


Harking back to the early ‘80s Scratch-n-Sniff virus, Smencils are smelly pencils. Made from 100% recycled newsPapers, they are scented with office-relevant flavours like bubblegum and toasted marshmallow. The US site doesn’t ship internationally but there is now a UK Smencils Site (wholesaling but not yet retailing).

4. Field Notes

field notes

Along with Moleskine, Field Notes are desirable notebooks par excellance. Here’s a list of Field Note retailers.



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