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Office Word of the Day: Anopisthograph

By Paperstone on May 29, 2010 in Paper

Office Word of the Day: Anopisthograph “Anopisthograph”

From the OED: Anopisthograph, a. Having no writing (or printing) on the back; inscribed only on one side. Also anopisthographic, -ical adjs.; hence anopisthographically adv.


  1. The reporter was writing in his notebook anopisthographically because he didn’t have time to write on both sides of the Paper.
  2. Office worker #1: I find that anopisthographical reports are more comfortable to read.
    Office worker #2: But isn’t printing on both sides of the Paper better for the environment?

Boing Boing pointed us in the direction of Unusual Words, a good list of words with very specific definitions but with little practical use.



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