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Mice Repulse Supermarket Customer

By Paperstone on December 23, 2010 in Computer Supplies


A woman from Birmingham was horrified when live baby mice fell out of a bag of crisps she had just picked up at Tesco. They dropped out from multipacks of crisps in the Aston branch of the supermarket.

“They were repulsive and made me feel revolting,” Liz Wray told the Daily Mail.

“I was with a work colleague who reached out towards the crisps and started screaming. They dropped down from the shelf

“I’m not sure if they were inside the multipack or if they were just in among the packets. But there were a lot of holes in the bag – they’d obviously been at them.”

Store workers put a box over the baby rodents.

“When I told the store manager, he said: ‘We can’t do much about it because we are near a canal and railway track and the mice tend to come through the floor.’”

A Tesco spokesman apologised for the incident.

Source: Orange Quirkies


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