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Council Forces Smokers to Clock Out

By Paperstone on October 11, 2010 in Office Environment



A council has asked its smokers to clock off when they pop out for a fag break. This is to ensure they do the same amount of work as non-smokers.

Norfolk’s Breckland Council wants to make workers clock out and back in when they leave their desks. This means they will have to work extra to make up for time taken for cigarette breaks. Two hundred and eighty Breakland Council workers will be affected.

Conservative leader of Breckland Council William Nunn said, “It came about because the staff themselves felt there was an issue of fairness going on where some people went out for a smoke and some didn’t.

“We want to make sure that there is parity among all of the staff. This will apply to everybody in the whole authority and will ensure there is some form of consistency.

“This is actually a case where we are taking a very pragmatic view and enhancing the lives of our staff, they themselves came forward and said they’d like a policy.

“It’s absolutely nothing to do with money because they’ll make up the hours lost in their own time.”

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