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Computers Age Women Workers, Apparently

By Paperstone on October 9, 2010 in Computer Supplies

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Office workers are most likely to show premature signs of ageing, according to a prominent cosmetic surgeon. Dr. Michael Prager, a Botox specialist, has warned women that they risk faster ageing if they sit in front of a computer for long periods.

People tend to squint and frown at computer screens, accelerating the wrinkling process. “What is perhaps more surprising is the number of women with saggy jowls because they are sitting in one position for so long,” he added, clearly with the Hippocratic Oath rather than his Harley Street surgery’s profits at the forefront of his mind.

To counteract “computer face” Prager recommends keeping a mirror next to your monitor to keep a check on your facial expression, taking regular breaks from your computer and Botox injections.


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