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Colour printing not a luxury according to Xerox

By Paperstone on February 19, 2009 in Ink Cartridges And Toners

According to a new survey commissioned by Xerox, more workers than not (53%) say that printing in colour is a luxury. Over a third (35%) said that expense is the main reason that they did not print more in colour while a majority (82%) said they would print more in colour if it was the same cost as printing in black and white.

But Xerox have pointed to their solid ink printing devices and print cartridges to try to dismantle the perception that colour printing is an unnecessary cost.

In fact Xerox solid ink printers and multifunction printers enable colour printing for the price of black and white. Print cartridges such as the Phaser 8560 offer colour printing at the same cost – plus they’re easy to use, less bulky and messy, and there’s far less waste than with traditional colour laser printers.

Given that colour printing needn’t be more expensive, colour printing’s return on investment (ROI) makes it good for business. The use of colour improves recall and comprehension and descreases the probability of error as mistakes are more easily seen. A colour questionnaire improves the quality of responses while a colour catalogue sells more than a drab black and white counterpart. Colour captures attention, enhances productivity, improves communications and helps boost sales.

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