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Foot-controlled mice

By Paperstone on February 20, 2009 in Computer Supplies

Computer peripherals developer Keytools has designed and started manufacturing a pointing device, or mouse, which is controlled the feet. The work station user wears special slippers to move the trackball and there are a couple of pedals to ‘click’, just as with a handheld mouse. It is thought the foot mouse will provide a solution for those suffering from repetitive strain injury or more specific disabilities.

Says Keytools company sales manager Phil Guest, “As the number of employees working intensively with computers has increased, so has attention to their workstation environment become more significant. Musculoskeletal disorders amongst computer users now occur on such a scale that the cost of lost work time and the sourcing of occupational health support services has become a serious issue. The foot mouse is a great way to cut down the risk of suffering from one of these disorders.”

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