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Save money on heating to buy more office supplies!

By Paperstone on December 12, 2008 in Office Supplies

Save the planet by wearing a jumper

Office workers not wrapping up well enough will cost UK firms millions of pounds a year in higher energy bills, according to research energy giant E.ON. Almost a fifth of UK workers have control over their office thermostat, meaning workers may choose to turn up the heating rather than wear more clothes.

The research also found that thermostat disputes were often drawn along sexual lines, with women feeling the cold more and men twice as likely to ask for the heating to be turned down.

Carbon Trust research has shown that turning down the thermostat by one degree centigrade can cut heating bills by eight per cent. This means adjusting your body temperature with clothing can be good for the environment.

The Health and Safety Executive provides guidelines and advice on workplace temperature for managers and workers.


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